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National and International Linkages

National: The laboratory interacts with Central and State regulatory agencies, research departments and organisations like:

  • Ministry of Environment & Forests
  • Ministry of Food Processing Industries
  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  • Central Pollution Control Board
  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
  • Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Agmark
  • State Pollution Control Boards
  • Council of Science and Technology (UP)
The scientists of the laboratory serve as experts on the committees of these organisations.

Significant contributions have been made in developing guidelines and protocols for the safety assurance of chemicals and products and discharge from the industries e.g. synthetic detergents, life cycle analysis of detergents for ecofriendliness, safety evaluation of plastics used for packaging of food material and transfusion fluids and other medical applications, toxicity evaluation of the genetically engineered plant products, safety assurance of food chemicals.

International: The laboratory has been serving several agencies in various capacities such as:

  • National Correspondent of International Registry of Potentially Toxic Chemicals (IRPTC) of UNDP
  • Co-ordinator of the Component Chemical Contaminants/Pollutants of Chemicals Research & Environment Needs (CREN) programme of Commonwealth Science Council (CSC).
  • International Programme on Chemical Safety of WHO
  • US Food & Drug Administration
  • US Department of Defense
  • US Military Loans
  • US Navy Toxicology Center
  • Environmental Protection Agency, USA
It undertakes collaborative research to understand the mechanisms of toxicity of chemicals and minerals and development of new methods for predicting the toxicity of chemicals with various overseas laboratories. Several joint workshops and training programmes in the area of toxicology have been organised in collaboration with International Agencies.

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