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Toxicity is a multidisciplinary subject and is not in the regular curriculum of most of the universities. Therefore, to meet the needs of industry, government, academia and NGOs, the centre has made special efforts to develop human resource by organising training programmes/courses and Ph.D programmes. The institute has conducted several general and specific training programmes in occupational health, experimental toxicology and analytical toxicology for scientific and technical personnel under the sponsorship of national and international agencies.

Summer Training

ITRC's Summer Training School, initiated in 1993, provides hands-on research experience for outstanding post graduate students with an interest in pursuing a career in Toxicology.

The centre is also recognised by several Indian Universities and international agencies like WHO, ILO, Geneva who utilize its services.

Revision in the Fee Structure for the students wishing to pursue Vocational Training at Industrial Toxicology Research Centre w.e.f. March 01, 2007.

Students (pursuing post-graduate studies only) from all Universities will be permitted to avail training on payment of a fee @ Rs. 4000/- per month/per head for the duration of six months. Beyond six months, the fee shall be charged @ Rs. 1000/- for each additional month for the remaining period. The revised fee will be effective from March 1, 2007.

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